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The Bundian Way is a shared history pathway between Targangal (Kosciuszko) and Bilgalera (Fisheries Beach) that connects the highest part of the Australian continent and the coast. On its way to the coast the Bundian Way crosses the Snowy River and passes through some of the wildest, most rugged and yet beautiful country in Australia. In many parts the influence of the old land management is still obvious in its Aboriginal landscapes.  It is the first Aboriginal pathway to be  listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

Whale Beach and Kiah Inlet with Balawan (Mt Imlay) at sunset. There are many places of great cultural importance in this scene. The Bundian Way passes through the middle ground and crosses the stream where it is usually at its shallowest. It continues to Beermuna (Boydtown) via a very old public road reserve and then generally heads north westerly to the Monaro.


Over a distance of some 365km it follows an ancient Aboriginal walking route from the high country to the coast, by way of the easiest path from the Monaro to the coastal plains. Its recognition is inspired by G.A. Robinsonís story of Al.mil.gong, who walked all the way from Omeo to present his new corroboree to his kin at Bilgalera on 14th August, 1844.

To download a copy of our report on the survey of the Bundian Way, please click here:  Download Report


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