Bundian Route Survey

The proposal Bundian Way project has nothing to do with native title. It is not a claim for land or ownership, but rather that some Aboriginal cultural heritage values in the historic landscape should be acknowledged. These are symbolised by the old pathways.

A major survey of the Bundian Way commenced in August 2010, with the purpose of identifying Aboriginal values and landscapes. The first on-ground work began on the Snowy River during October, 2010, and continued into Byadbo, across the Monaro and to Twofold Bay, finishing in November 2011.

The survey crew rotated from leg to leg, including: John Blay, Warren Foster, Darren Mongta, Quentin Aldridge, Derek Davison, David Dixon, Dennis Cruse, Colin Davison, Garry Mongta, BJ Cruse, Brian Mongta, Matthew Mongta, Dennis Arvidson, Lee Cruse, Jolene Brindle, Teneille Stewart, Markita Manton, Brooke Mongta and Muriel May.

You can download a copy of the survey report here.

Warren on the trail to Big Boggy


Success of the Bundian Way proposal could have considerable cultural and tourism advantages, likewise for Thredbo, Towamba and Boydtown. It is not intended that the information corridor should adversely impact on development or the economy within the corridor. Forestry and farming would continue as ever. The corridor would serve to focus information about the Aboriginal landscape.