The power of Gudu

I sit here beside Gudu the ocean, and watch the light glimmer and sparkle on the water. The sea breeze wraps around me and I am reminded of the stories the old people have told me, about Gudu, and how we have been here since the country changed from warm to cold and back again.

During the time Gudu was trapped, Obligaa the western wind, blew fiercely cold and the country became encased in ice. Many people had to leave their homes, but they accepted change, came together and created new countries.

The knowledge of our ancestral lands survived through the stories which were carried from mouth to ear through every generation. Then Gudu released himself from his icy shackles, and returned with vengeance. To teach the other spirits a lesson, Gudu took over large parts of the country.

We are taught all spirits must be treated with equal respect, be it Gudu, Obligaa, Gurad (land) or Bundoola (rain). The spirits of our country are powerful and it is our responsibility to treat them with care, if we wish to be provided with their gifts. We also know our strength as a people is not in the sinew of our muscles, or in mastery of country, but in the collective knowledge of our stories.

Cocora Beach, Eden