Sacred places

The landscape of my homeland has changed since the arrival of the white men. We showed the white men where to find water for their strange, large animals, and the sheltered grasslands. We showed them ways to cross the country. This is how they came to be here.

My home is now called Delegate, and a man called Robert Campbell uses this country to keep his animals. I have heard he came from across the seas, past the Katungal’s (saltwater people) homeland. He lives on Ngunnawal country, at a place called Duntroon.

Campbell’s men brought the animals south from Ngunnawal, here to Maneroo (Monaro). Another man, Donald Ross, looks after these animals who roam across the plains. We once hunted these animals, but learnt that this would only lead to conflict. 

We look after their animals and they call us stockmen. I have learnt to be accustomed to the seat on a horse, and it allows me to move through my country more easily. We have found our knowledge of country is very useful to them, but we are careful not to cross our people’s law. We steer them away from our most sacred places.

Sacred Delegate place ‘Big Rock’