Kiah Aboriginal Place

Davidson Whaling Station is the historic location of the last surviving shore-based whaling station in eastern Australia.

Now managed by NPWS as a Historic Place, it attracts many visitors for the insights it brings to a time that is now long past. Its location is very beautiful. But also, along with the nearby lands of the Kiah Inlet, it has an extraordinary Aboriginal history.

Davidson Whaling Station

The only whalers to be successful in Twofold Bay worked with Aboriginal people of the area, as did George Davidson. The long and spiritual association between the Kooris and the Orcas goes back many thousands of years. It has now been nominated as an Aboriginal Place.

For all its European history, the locality has a richer Aboriginal heritage. All round the Kiah Inlet, which is largely undeveloped, lie all manner of places where the Koori occupation and use is evident.

Balawan (Mt. Imlay) from Davidson Whaling Station
Salt marsh melaleucas at Kiah Inlet