Historic Values

Although the basis for the proposal is largely historic and symbolic, the Bundian way is part of a network of Aboriginal path ways in Yuin, Ngarigo, Jaitmathang and Bidawal country.

These path ways connected the people and their ceremonies, as well as sacred places, and trade routes across the continent. Particularly, they were used to travel to and from places where special events took place, including:

  • Aboriginal whaling and springtime ceremonies in Twofold Bay. Here there was a unique association the old people developed with killer whales to hunt other whale species, and later they participated in shared whaling practices (especially with the Davidsons of Kiah). Voluntary cooperative hunting between man and a wild species has happened nowhere else in the world, a practice well illustrated in the ABC documentary of 2009.
  • Aboriginal moth hunting and ceremonies in the high country during summer.
Artefacts found along the Bundian Way at Nungatta