Call of the ancestors

The ancestors call us and we answer their invitation to journey through Maneroo (Monaro) country for Bogong moth season. The Bogong are nesting in the dark crevasses of the high country’s solemn watchmen, rocky outcrops of Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko). We all make this pilgrimage; men, women and children and we follow the ancient paths taught to us through song and story.

We come from many different tribes and have our own laws, so for this annual journey we share in ceremony, rites and rituals to provide us with unified language and respect. We sanctify the spirits so we can receive a safe and plentiful journey, and with each step we acknowledge our ancestors who lead the way.

The songlines carry us across rivers and over hills, calling us towards the country carved out by the brown snake and the long-necked turtle. Our long procession of rite and ritual culminates with us finding our place at the feet of Targangal.

The wise ones first ascend to sanctify the grounds and appease the spirits; I have not yet been granted their knowledge, but if I prove myself worthy I hope one day to lead my people here, to the Bogong grounds.

Bogoth moth cluster