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Healing our Spirit


Art of Aboriginal People in Custody



River Stork Fighting with Snake

in the Dreamtime Next to Camp Site and Travel Signs.

Jesse Murray

Madi Madi Wiradjuri Mob

Albury/Wodonga Region

$ 350

 The Wiradjuri Nation is geographically the largest Indigenous Nation within New South Wales and it’s probably the largest in terms of population.

 The boundary of the Wiradjuri Nation extends from Coonabarabran in the north, straddling the Great Dividing Range down to the Murray River and out to western New South Wales. Wiradjuri traditional country includes the townships of Dubbo, Condoblin, Orange, Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Narrandera and Griffith. 

The artist of this Indigenous artwork was inspired by his childhood, his grandmother of the Madi Madi tribe and grandfather of the Wiradjuri tribe. The campsite symbolize s togetherness of family and community.



Rainbow Serpent

 S. Cooper Wigs

Cooper Wiradjuri Mob

Sale, Victoria

 $ 450—

 Hunting party in a dust storm. The desert in Dreamtime protected by Mother Earth and Serpents. Warriors and hunters symbolize protection and survival.

 The desert and her people - one protected by Mother Earth and Serpents.

Black & White Elder: Story of Creation 

S. Cooper Wigs

Cooper Wiradjuri Mob

Sale, Victoria

 $ 220—

 This painting demonstrates the continuing line with our country, our ancestors and the responsibilities we have. We own this land and this land owns us.

 Our ancestry is integral to who we are.


Stork Fishing

 S. Cooper Wigs

Cooper Wiradjuri Mob

Sale, Victoria

 $ 120—

 Two dimensional artwork depicting storks fishing for barramundi in the Top End. Storks represent feminine energies and a reconnection to your roots.


Birds in Flight

 Artist Unknown

 $ 75—


Echidna Feeding on Ants

 S. Cooper Wigs

Cooper Wiradjuri Mob

Sale, Victoria

 $ 550—

 Echidnas (spiny ant eaters) are unique creatures that are egg-laying, pouch-bearing mammals native to Australia. When an echidna is threatened, it rolls up inot a ball so that only its sharp spines are exposed, warding off any predators.


Man of the Land

 Samuel Simpson

 $ 450—



 Samuel Simpson

 $ 210—


Lily Pond in the Outback

 S. Cooper Wigs

Cooper Wiradjuri Mob

Sale, Victoria

 $ 650—

 The artwork represents the tranquillity and life-giving properties of water ways. Storks represent mothering energies and protection of the young. Frogs symbolize cleansing, peace and rebirth.


Man of the Land

 Samuel Simpson

 $ 210—



 Jesse Murray & Shayne Wigney

Madi Madi Wiradjuri Mob

Albury/Wodonga Region

 $ 1500—

 This Collaborative piece represents the feminie, nurturing energies of the female crocodile. She protects the young and symbolizes fertility and new life. In the Dreaming, crocodiles represent time and the spirits of Mother Earth.


Where the Waters Meet

 Jesse Murray

Madi Madi Wiradjuri Mob

Albury/Wodonga Region

 $ 750—

 This piece represents the meeting of the ocean and the river. Crayfish symbolize sustenance and the bounty of the sea. The spirits symbolize the land and Mother Nature. While the Bora Bora represents the joining of all elements.

The Bundian Way

 Tim Powell

Wiradjuri Mob

Orange/Dubbo Region

 $ 500—

 This piece represents the ancient track that our people have traversed from the mountains to the sea.  The kangaroo, grubs, emu, stingray and jellyfish represent the abundance of native foods that provide sustenance and life. The circles symbolize the joining of energies and elements.


Girrawaa Art Exhibits

 $450       Untitled 2011 – Thomas Cubby

  $600       Ocean Dreaming - Glen Dennis

 $450       Aussie Dreaming- Glen Dennis

                   Aboriginal Australian Tucker

 $550       Young Fella Dreaming – F. J. Carroll

 $550       Butterfly Dreaming Artist- Glen Dennis

 $600       Tribal Hunting – Troy McKellar


$350      Hand tracing / Meeting Place   (framed) - David (Campbelltown)                         

 $350      Hand tracing / Meeting Place 2 (framed)  - David (Campbelltown)                       

 $350      Black Hand tracing (Acrylic on canvas)  - David (Campbelltown)                         


Orders will be taken for production items:


Coasters          $7.50ea

Pen case set     $22.00ea

Triple Framed $35.00ea


Mini Didge / Emu Caller   Not priced as yet



Baskets  -  Junee

 Orders for new works similar to those on display at Catalogue prices can be made.


$120   CD10095  -  Mentor Aunty Kath Whithers


$120   CD10094  -  Mentor Aunty Kath Whithers


$25      CD106


$25      CD107


$45      CD10091


$25      CD10092


$75      CD10093


$75      CD0046


$45      CD105


$60      CD00190


$100   CD108


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