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The Bundian Way Gallery

Aboriginal and Community Arts Centre

The Delegate Progress Association Inc. and the Bundian Way, a project of

Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council,

have now hosted many successful exhibitions at Delegate including:

Shannon Mason, Aboriginal contemporary photography (opening 18 Mar 2015)

 Djaadjawan Dancers of Narooma, artworks and craftworks

 Natalie Bateman, paintings on Yuin themes

Art from the Inside, featuring work from inmates of the Cooma and Goulburn Correctional Centres


Oswald Brierly and the Aboriginal People at Turembulerrer - an exhibition of historic artworks and writings by Oswald Brierly


All at the gallery Rural Transaction Centre,

open Mon-Fri and Saturdays until November 2013 from 10am to 3pm

All welcome

66a Bombala Street, Delegate, 2633

(phone) 02 64588388

Or email: delegateprogress@exemail.com.au

Art Gallery building in progress to becoming the Bundian Way Gallery


·         ‘The opening of the gallery has presented an amazing opportunity,’ says John Blay, Bundian Way Project Officer with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council. ‘Not only does the gallery highlight the heritage elements of the Bundian Way, it also throws light on the ongoing cultural connections to the land and sea country of the Aboriginal people of the region. This is reflected in their art. The art expresses country.’ It is a theme that has continued through the second exhibition, Healing our Spirit, art by Aboriginal people in custody to the third exhibition of historic works by Oswald Brierly.

·        This second exhibition demonstrated the remarkable depth of talent for art that runs through the Aboriginal community. Many of the paintings express the quest for the culture that comes with Country, for nature and self-respect. Over twenty artists are represented. The artworks were mostly completed at Cooma, Junee and Goulburn. One group of baskets were completed under the mentorship and teaching of Aunty Kath Whithers, a Wiradjuri Elder from Wagga Wagga. Two of her demonstration works are represented, both very colourful artefacts.

·         ‘The gallery is situated in the most beautiful building of Delegate. It will make a very special place. And it has all come about through the generosity and dedication of the Delegate Progress Association. How fantastic that a community group can combine expertise with the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council to produce such a showplace for art.’

·         ‘We were indeed lucky to find such a distinguished group of artists to be represented at the first exhibition and opening of the region’s first dedicated Aboriginal art gallery. Cheryl Davison’s work is luminous in showing its experience of the land, and has a well-deserved national standing. Don Atkinson’s work brings to mind traditional local culture, it has remarkable focus that results in distinguished works of art. Lee Cruse’s paintings are like fireworks, they explode with an intensity all their own.’

·         The Bundian Way Gallery is an Aboriginal and Community Arts Centre managed by The Delegate Progress Association Inc. and the Bundian Way, a project of Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council. Its curator is Cheryl Davison, with the assistance of Don Atkinson.

·         The gallery is located in an old banking chamber that has been transformed by the DPA with the assistance of a grant from the Royal Agricultural Society.

·         The gallery will also function as an information centre for the Bundian Way, an ancient Aboriginal pathway between the coast and the high country, that passes through Delegate. It will maintain a series of photographs that illustrate the remarkable range of Aboriginal Landscapes along the Bundian Way between Targangal (Mt Kosciuszko) and Bilgalera on Tullermullerer (Twofold Bay)

·         This gallery is an offshoot of the Aboriginal Culture Centre Monaroo Bobberer Gudu at Jigamy Farm on the highway near Eden. It is possible that curatorships and exhibitions in the future will be shared.

·         Aboriginal Elder, Pastor Ossie Cruse, notes how Delegate lies at the midpoint of the route between the high country and the coast.  He believes the gallery, with its strong links to the Culture Centre near Eden, will be the hub of the Bundian Way, a centre that demonstrates the depth of culture and high quality of the artwork produced by the Aboriginal people of the region.


Mark McKenna speaks at opening of gallery

(L-R) Bombala Mayor Bob, Don Atkinson, Lee Cruse, BJ Cruse, Cheryl Davison, Mark McKenna and John Blay


Lee Cruse - Whale Story My Pop Told Me [detail]

Lee Cruse painted the iconic Bundian Way Whaling story painting featured above. It is on that is central to the the Bundian Way.

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