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Some Scenes from the Bundian Route Survey



A survey of the Bundian Way commenced in August 2010 and the first on-ground work began on the Snowy River during October. The survey crew comprising Derek Davison, Warren Foster, Quentin Aldridge and John Blay were joined by Chris Allen (second from right) to assist with the wildlife side, especially in Koala surveys. The crew rotated from leg to leg.


Work will continued into Byadbo and across the Monaro to Twofold Bay, and completed in November 2011. The project now moves into another phase.

This is wild country all right.

A copy of the survey report 2010-2011 is now available.


Download here

The country round the Snowy River is about as wild and perilous as you can find anywhere. Amazingly enough, you don't have to be a Man from the Snowy River to find your way through. The old pathway always seems to find the easiest route.
A Tiger Snake hunts in a dead tree.
Scenes from the cypress-White Box country. At one point an early settler fence still stands beside the pathway. It is said to date from the days of Ben Boyd during the 1840s.
The pathway through Byadbo is mostly well defined. Cattlemen were shown the route and have used since the days of first settlement.

Survey crew for the third leg on a mountain top above Byadbo.

Yamfields are evident throughout the district during springtime. Early Nancies are a feature on the grasslands of Merambego, where flocks of Emus still roam..

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