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The Bundian Way exists though the efforts of the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council with the assistance of a host of volunteers and many other groups and agencies such as National Parks & Wildlife Service, State Forests, Bombala Council, Bega Valley Shire Council, Snowy River Shire Council, South East Local Land Services and so forth. It also connects an amazing range of landscapes and environments, from wild coastal scenes to the often snow-clad but always dramatic Australian Alps.

Our local member of the NSW Parliament, Andrew Constance, said that: ‘With time the Bundian Way will keep growing in importance. In hundreds of years it could be all they remember of us, the most important thing we have passed down to the future generations.’


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Delegate Progress Association is a community group situated in Delegate who provide services to all the community. The Delegate Progress Association runs the Delegate RT/CT centre which is a combined Rural Transaction Centre and Community Technology Centre. Sub Committees of the DPA also run the Borderline Gallery, the Art Centre, the History Rooms at the School of Arts and the Nurses Cottage accommodation, and oversee the use and maintenance of the former Presbyterian Church building:   http://platypuscountry.org.au/4071.html

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Cross-Border Arts Network





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